Building strong business relationships with our customers

Whatever your requirements we have the vehicles for you on the right terms. We offer Spot Hire from just one day alongside Flexible Hire – giving you the rate benefits of long-term hire with flexibility of termination – or Contract Hire for up to seven years.

Our flexibility also extends to servicing, maintenance and repairs, with the option to use our national network of workshops throughout the UK or your own facilities under a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which contractually defines the level of service to be provided. Whatever the needs of your Contract, London Hire works with customers to ensure continuity of service throughout the contractual term and a strong working relationship over the lifetime of the contract.

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Currently working with Local Authorities nationwide, London Hire has the vehicles, expertise and infrastructure to provide transport solutions for every situation. To find out how we can work for you, call us on 0845 257 4257.

Speak to our Rental Department and discover more about the range of vehicles we offer. We pride ourselves on service standards that are second to none, such as our 24 hours a day, 365 days a year “one call” helpline in the event of any breakdowns, accidents or other problems.

Flexibility and reliability

These are London Hire's greatest strengths. Circumstances change constantly, and customers want to know their contractor can change with them. Whether it's a long-term contract or a one-day hire, you can rely on the highest standards, conducted by experts dedicated to working with the customer to give them what they need.