London Hire goes digital

London Hire Limited has chosen Motivity to provide our customers with an instant electronic vehicle check sheet and pictures directly to their email.


What is Motivity?

Motivity is a very simple, easy to use, software-based business tool, Motivity makes all your paper-based forms and certificates accessible electronically on any web-enabled device, including tablets, PDAs, mobile phones, and desktop workstations. It allows you to enter data about jobs at the customer site, and send the information back to the office in real time.


How do we use Motivity?

The Motivity app has helped us to greatly improve our services to our customers, it enables us not only to schedule our vehicle logistics for the day, but we can also plan days in advance with our offices across the UK to provide the best possible service to our customers.


How does it help you?

Motivity allows us to go electronic meaning we are able to send all the information you need, vehicle delivery dates, check sheets and bookings directly to your email as soon as it happens. No more paperwork! Motivity allows us to respond quickly to customer requests and immediately allocating a vehicle movement or an estimate of how long a delivery is thanks to motivity’s location system and of course providing a useful audit trail in the process.


What our staff say,

“The app allows us to track our driver’s movements, which in turn helps us to update our customers on ETA times. In our business, movement times are very important to both us and our customers.

The app system directly sends an e-mail copy of the Motivity report direct to our customers, allowing them to check the condition of the vehicle, mileage and fuel levels, giving them complete piece of mind when hiring one of our vehicles.”

Paul East
Driver Supervisor.



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